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2020-07-09 09:13:35

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Our work for Outward The Soroboreans is just starting, so we will tell you how to fast travel

What is the fast travel importance in Outward The Soroboreans?

The first thing that we should be very clear about is that this expansion has allowed us to have many more features and this simply implies more activities, therefore knowing how to fast travel makes it easier for us in a great way, since it will be necessary to cross an open world that We can afford to go slow, especially because our main task here is to survive, because as we will see, this world has many large insects that can easily take care of us, to them we must add some beasts that are not precisely kind, some ghosts. or animated skeletons that are responsible for making life complicated for us, and all within the Ancient Plateau a new space that will need to be explored.

How to fast travel in Outward The Soroboreans?

The Aurai property is simply not connected to the new area that has been called the Ancient Plateau, this means that we will necessarily have to have something silver because we must use the caravan, here specifically there is a caravan who will be in charge of taking us to Harmattan, This is the most important city in this new location, but this will not be free so we will have to specifically have 200 silver.

It is good to be clear that the caravans are usually in the wild and just by paying them they can quickly move us to any place through Aurai, but not all the time we will have a caravan, because sometimes it is simply not there and this is where it will be. It is necessary to apply other techniques to achieve it, such as going to sleep or leaving a dungeon, since these activities usually make it possible to generate a caravan, so it is necessary to be clear that it is highly likely that we will have to make a few attempts, since not everything It always happens first, because the rush does not lead us to anything so it will only be necessary to take some time and simply let everything happen naturally and without trying things.

 In this sense, knowing how to fast travel allows us to move to a new place that has been included in Outward The Soroboreans to explore it. Go ahead because it is simply fantastic.

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