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This guide is all you need if you are wondering how to get the Exotic Omnioculus in Destiny 2, so sit back.

What is the Exotic Omnioculus in Destiny 2?

This is a powerful new tool, perfect for hunters who like to take advantage of the class's ability to turn invisible.
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How to get the Exotic Omnioculus in Destiny 2?

In order to obtain this weapon, it will be necessary to face the Master and Legend Lost sectors, some of the most challenging content in the game.

Keep in mind that every day a Master and a Lost Sector of Legend will rotate through Europe, the Moon or the Cosmodrome, so it will take a lot of power:

Legend - 1300 power.

Master - 1330 Power.

Lost Sectors are always perfect for finding exotic items from a particular group, such as the Exotic Chest Armor, which you will need to get the Omnioculus.

Master and Legend Lost always have modifiers, and you'll have to make sure you pick the right weapons for the job. And to get the champions you will need the correct modifications of your seasonal artifact, which will allow you to deal with them.

In case no lost sectors have the chest armor you need, you will have to wait for the next daily reset. And due to the high level of difficulty, we recommend waiting to achieve the necessary power level.

 That's all you have to cognize about how to get the Exotic Omnioculus in Destiny 2, we hope you have managed to get this powerful tool and get the most out of it.

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