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2020-12-18 07:48:16

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Guide to learn how to get taken to butter in Destiny 2

 Currently, at Destiny 2 everyone is busy looking for the ingredients and preparations for the Dawn 2020 event. In other sections we have talked about this, but basically the special recipes require special ingredients that you have to find throughout the map. This time we will focus on the butter eaten and where to find it.

How to get taken to butter in Destiny 2?

You should know that ingested butter will drop from Taken enemies anywhere in the game, but there are a couple of places that are worth farming.

The Hallowed Grove Lost Sector in the EDZ, near The Sludge, is a great option for most players. People who are new to the game will have access to it and can erase it quite quickly. That being said, you should collect around four or five at each run.

The Lake of Shadows Strikes in the EDZ you can also find this ingredient. It's got through all the enemies, and it's a pretty quick clearance, so it won't get you stuck on a Long Hit just trying to get this ingredient.
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The best overall source of ingested butter is limited to some of the strongest and most veteran players in the game. You can enter the Shattered Throne dungeon and defeat taken as much as you can. If you're running a Sun Warrior Titan or Devour Warlock, and in here you should be basically invincible, and you can farm taken to your heart's content. Just head to Thrall's first room where you can't normally heal yourself and laugh as countless weak enemies feed you Taken Butter and heal.

  Now that you know how to get
taken to butter in Destiny 2 you can create the special recipes that will be available for the event until January 5. Luck!

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