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2020-12-17 10:26:35

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We are back for Destiny 2 and this allows us to tell you how to get essence of dawning

What is the goal of the essence of dawn in Destiny 2?

This is just a necessary element that we have in this game and that is usually necessary to use to carry out some necessary activities, since it is necessary to prepare recipes for the NPCs, the detail is that it is usually necessary to take care of doing it quickly since this usually disappears quickly when we complete an activity.

How to get essence of dawning in Destiny 2?

This Essence can be obtained as a type of daily reward and can be found near the tower.

Carrying out some Wrathborn hunts, which allows us to choose to hunt Savak since it usually gives us 15 essences, since it is an operation that can be performed more than once, in such a way that this implies dealing with a decoy to carry out this work.
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  • Carrying out some events can give us the essence of sunrise and these are.
  • Patrols usually give us 1-3 essences
  • Public events usually give us 5 essences.
  • Completion allows us to get 10 essences.
  • Crucible matches allow us to get 12 to 17 essences.
  • The smells allow us to get 15 essences.
  • Hunting Wrathborn allows us to get 15 essences.
  • Gambit allows us to get between 17 and 22 essences.
  • Nightfall allows us to get 23 essences.

Now that you know how to
get essence of dawning, it is the exact moment for you to go searching through Destiny 2.

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