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If you want to know how to complete the red rover challenge in Destiny 2, in this article you will find the solution you are looking for, so let's get started!

What is the red rover challenge in Destiny 2?

This is one of the challenges that you will be able to access during the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which offer additional objectives to complete, resulting in the unlocking of specific Triumphs.

How to complete the red rover challenge in Destiny 2?

In order to complete this challenge, you will be tasked with shooting two panels in the basement of the Raid Security Section, which will allow you to go through all three damage phases.

But you must bear in mind that if you finish with the fuses before time you will have to restart the challenge.

The key to completing this challenge is that when the first person grabs, the Operator Augment causes them to lower and destroy the two panels called by the one holding the Scanner Augment. After destroying them you will have to make the one with the Operator's Augment change it for the scanner and tell you which fuse to destroy.
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You will only have to destroy two fuses. Go up to the one who went down to the basement and repeat until all members have used Operator Augment and you have destroyed the panels.

You can have the first person destroy the first set of panels to call the rest of them with Scanner Augment and then swap it with the Operator who went after them to call the Light and Dark side panels, just in case he does. Lack.

  We hope we have been as clear as possible and that now that you have this article on how to complete the red rover challenge in Destiny 2, you can complete this challenge and continue with the others of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

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