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2020-12-01 06:52:23

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Destiny 2 brings us the Beyond Light expansion and with this, it is necessary to talk about How to beat Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Who is Atraks-1 in Destiny 2?

  This is simply an enemy that we must defeat, as it is usually at the center of our work to be able to assault the Crypt of the Profound Stone, in such a way that this leads us to consider the possibility of executing an encounter since our job is to get to travel between the Space and the Crypt where we will fight a bit, it is also necessary to use 4 elevators and do some juggling.
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How to beat Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2?

 This is a task that leads us to embark on the possibility of dividing ourselves into two teams, as one team must focus on Space while the other on the Crypt, specifically considering that it is necessary to have the following weapons to escape unscathed:

  •  Have 1 hunter with Shadowshot.
  • 1 witch with dance pit and phoenix protocol.
  • 1 Titan with the Dawn neighborhood.
  • 6 regret.
  • IKELOS Sniper.
  • Retribution of the martyr.
  • Izanagi's burden.
  • Long shadow
  • The treasure fades.


 Now, we are going to our proper meeting to know how to beat Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt Raid, so that we start walking in front of the elevator in a way that allows us to have the possibility of clearing the entire area so that This leads us to have to eliminate the Vandal of the Operator, in the same way, we eliminate the 3 servers, in such a way that this opens up the opportunity to get 4 players to go to space considering that only one of them can take the Scanner of the Vandal since with this it is possible to locate clones of Atraks-1 since these usually shine in Destiny 2 which makes their location can be given more easily.

The possibilities of being able to tie the boss are opened to us in such a way that it is necessary to do so and in this way to get the Dawn Room and the Dance Well before starting 6x regret, our job is to execute a total of 3 light attacks and then focus on a heavy attack, then it is important to let a player take the replication debuff of Atraks-1 since it is necessary to choose to increase the Scanner to pass it once more through the Augmentation Station to give it to the only player of the Crypt so that the 4 players with the Operator augmentation can return to the Crypt.

Our work focuses on knowing How to beat Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt Raid and with this, it is necessary to increase the Scanner since at this point it is obvious that we have managed to identify the real Atraks-1, so we must take care of applying the necessary tactics and thus ensure that the 6 players can go to Space, for which it is necessary to have some interesting indications such as:

  •  The operator has the ability to send elevators back in Destiny 2.
  • The Operator requires firing at the shot with the Atraks-1 replication debuff as this allows the debuff timer to be refreshed, otherwise, the entire team will simply be cleaned.
  • It is only necessary to make use of the DPS-ed and repeat this process until our target has been killed, as this usually occurs when all 6 players are in space.

 In this sense, knowing how to beat Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt Raid is a very important task that we are allowed to carry out in this expansion of Destiny 2, try it.

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