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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-07 03:15:18

If you arrived here, it is because you are wondering how to collect fossils in Deep Rock Galactic.

Why do you need fossils in Deep Rock Galactic?

It is needed when completing secondary objectives and other minor objectives besides that to get additional rewards.

How to collect fossils in Deep Rock Galactic?

The first thing you should do is to look at the walls so you can take a Gamepur screenshot, if there is an objective that instructs you to collect fossils, there will be fossils around the cave.

Walk towards them and just by pressing the collect button you will get them, although it is not such an easy task, reaching them can be a pain, since most of the time they are always in high places or out of reach so you will have to dig to get them. They look like ammonites, large circular crustaceans that are encased in rocks.

It should be able to hold approximately 20 fossils without filling its capacity, and it's unlikely you'll need to get more than 20 for a target. Although, the fossils you collect don't count as a target until you deposit them. So be sure to deposit your resources in the Mule or drop pod regularly, or the target will not be updated, and you will be left searching for more fossils indefinitely.

I hope this guide has taught you how to collect fossils in a simple way, remember to keep in mind all our tips to have a successful search.

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