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Find out how to beat Betty in this excellent and explanatory guide to Death's Door.

What to know about Betty in Death's Door?

It is one of the bosses that we face in the game, it appears in a mysterious way, it has with it some of the souls that are required to complete the game, so it is important that we have the knowledge of how to beat Betty and for this we have this guide with its next content, let's see.

How to beat Betty in Death's Door?

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    Of all the bosses that we will come to face, we have that Betty is the most accessible of all, so we must not spend work solving how to beat Betty, we will be in a combat where the snowy is seen as a landscape, it is important to avoid the roll in everything At the moment, we will see Betty jumps from one side to the other causing damage where she ends up falling, while the combat goes on we will see that she will come rolling in our direction and invoke snowballs that will constantly fall on the battlefield, we must dodge them and we can cause damage in means of his attacks, so having the handling of his mechanics we will come out winners, but it is ideal to have an angle with better details and therefore the following.


    •  First stage: at the beginning of this combat in Death's Door his intention is to crush us, then he uses blows from the ground, rolls out of the way attacking the moment he lands at the same time that we are dodging his attacks, it is certainly slow and we can give him many blows, After a couple of jumps he begins to send a ball in our direction, which leads us to distance ourselves a little to avoid, after his health drops to a certain point we will enter the next stage.
    • Second stage: this begins with a roar and the launch of a snowball, we dodge it and keep doing the same as the previous stage, when we manage to cause more damage it will make snowballs rain, we will know where they will fall due to the shadows that are formed on the ground, then we must avoid being impacted, we continue with the same pattern until we manage to defeat it.

     It is evident that knowing how to beat Betty allows us to have more fun in Death's Door

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