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Today we bring a Little Alchemy 2 guide where we explain how to create electricity.

What is the point of creating electricity in Little Alchemy 2?

Having the opportunity to get involved in a very interesting process where we are allowed to discover some number of combinations with the mere object of progressing, in this sense, knowing how to create electricity leads us to get involved in a rather difficult task, in addition to taking advantage of electricity can turn out to be quite a complex task.

How to create electricity in Little Alchemy 2?

While it is true that there are different ways to manufacture electricity, it is also good to keep in mind that this is usually a very complex process, in fact, below we leave a list of ways to unlock electricity and thus be able to incorporate it into our board :
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    • Sun and solar cell.
    • Single cell and star.
    • Light and solar cell.
    • Sandstorm and wind turbine.
    • Storm and science.
    • Wind and wind turbine.
    • Wind turbine and movement.
    • Storm and Wind Turbine.
    • Metal and lightning.
    • Steel and Lightning.

    Now that you know the combinations it is good to keep in mind that knowing how to create electricity makes it necessary to unblock it and this implies first focusing on the creation of the sun and the solar cell, this because they are usually interconnected, in this sense, we must first focus in the sun and this implies combining the earth, only that it must be created in the same way, and for this a continent is favorable, which makes us combine a pond in order to create a sea and by creating a sea we are allowed to create an ocean, in the same way we are allowed to have the opportunity to create an entire planet, it will only be necessary to be in charge of combining the continent with a continent, of course focusing in the first instance on having the ocean and sea tokens with us in the first place.

    In this sense, Little Alchemy 2 offers us the possibility of combining fire with the planet to make the sun and in this way achieve different combinations, to the point of combining fire with fire and that this allows us to have with us a single cell and for consequently placing it on the sun to get electricity.

    Now that you know how to create electricity, it is time to launch yourself to execute the necessary combinations and in this way continue to enjoy Little Alchemy 2.

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