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Today we bring you a Death's Door guide where we will explain how to cure.

Why cure in Death's Door?

We will find many obstacles in our way, enemies and bosses that can cause us significant amounts of damage, seeking to end our health meter, so healing can be the ideal, considering a couple of options for it, through places and objects, now for more details on How to heal it is necessary that we closely follow the following content of this guide, let's see it.

How to cure in Death's Door?

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    One of the healing options we have is going through a door that leads us to the commission of the harvest, here it is possible to make improvements in our skills, certainly in each explored place there are pink keychains that when interacting with these a door and when passing it is possible to reach this same place of the harvest commission, by doing so our health meter will be recovered to the top at Death's Door.

    Through an object we can also have an answer to How to heal, this is found in the hidden chests in the world, it is a plant that grows automatically, when we interact with it our health is completely restored, considering that if we use a plant we cannot use it to heal again, we have to wait for it to grow again to be able to use it.

    We can also choose to have our maximum health bar increase, for this we require the sanctuaries of vitality, which are found throughout the lost cemetery and the areas governed by the different bosses, then we will notice it by a green glow that will appear at the moment that we interact with these, when passing through the four sanctuaries we will see our health increased to the maximum by adding a segment.

    Finally, now that we know how to cure, we can move on to Death's Door.

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