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Some errors persist in PS5 and this makes it convenient to tell you how to fix stuck on ‘close game or app’ screen.

What is the stuck on ‘close game or app’ screen in PS5?

  This is nothing more than a failure that we recently stumbled on and that is causing us headaches, sometimes these inconveniences can be serious and therefore we must appeal to possible solutions, even when sometimes they seem not to have them or have to wait for its creators so that they can solve it.

How to fix stuck on ‘close game or app’ screen in PS5?

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    There is a solution that can be applied and for this you must:


    •  Wait a period of 5 minutes, this in order to see if the console can close the game or the application.
    • In case of not doing it after the time, it will be necessary to press and hold the power button until the second beep is heard.
    • We let the PS5 turn off and leave it like that for about 5 minutes.
    • When we get that the system is stuck on ‘close game or app’ screen, it will be necessary to take care of unplugging it.
    • Then we plug the console back in and turn it on, this gives us a comment on rebuilding the console database where it is usually necessary to accept it.


     There is no more effective solution that goes directly to failure, we can only apply the aforementioned, this in order to rebuild the database and therefore cross our fingers so that it can be solved.

    In the event of not getting a favorable response, there is the possibility of contacting the PlayStation support service.

     In this sense, knowing how to fix stuck on ‘close game or app’ screen does not present major answers, however, there is the possibility of applying these methods and thus continue enjoying PS5.

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