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Death's Door is a very lively game, and today it leads us to discover How to beat the Lord of the doors.

What to know about the Lord of the gates in Death's Door?

It is about the final battle that we will have in the main part of the game, we must kill him so that the kingdoms are restored, so with that purpose of seeing How to defeat the Lord of the doors we have that this guide has the purpose of guiding us in this regard, only we should follow its content from here on, let's do it.

How to beat the Lord of the gates in Death's Door?

We will go through different stages if we want to solve How to beat the Lord of the doors in Death's Door, we will have a series of control points, the importance of this arduous combat is that we maintain as much of our lives as we can while we progress through the stages, this is The enemy has very uncomfortable attacks, the main one being a 3-hit combo that we must dodge and then attack at the end of the third hit, it uses bulls to attack us and while the combat advances in Death's Door it will add pillar attacks and other things, it is so complex that It is important to know how to beat the Lord of the doors with precise details in each of its stages, then let's see it below:

  • First stage: among the first that we will see in the initial stage is a combo of 3 hits that come directly to our location, it is necessary that we dodge it and while it comes to enter a few moments of cooling it is when we take advantage of attacking it in Death's Door, it is necessary to do this several times to be able to continue, we will see the invocations of some doors that will come against us like bulls, then we must move to get out of their way to avoid them, when the last pass we will see him jump and destroy the ground, which He leaves us an opportunity of How to defeat the Lord of the doors by attacking him, when we cause him enough damage we will go to the next stage.
  • Second stage: at this point our first control point will be marked, so if we die in this stage in Death's Door since we will start, in terms of combat we have to have the Hookshot spell equipped because it will be very useful in terms of how to win to the Lord of the gates, we will run down the corridor ahead taking care of a bull that will come directly, another from the right, and it will depend on how fast we are we can jump them, what we will do is use the spell to pass through this reaching the Final point that makes us dodge other bulls, the result allows us to cause damage before we reach the next stage of the fight by following him through the door.

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    • Third stage: for this we will see that he will perform his 3-hit combo again, with the invocation he brings about 3 boats that will cause us damage by hitting us, then we must dodge them, as for How to beat the Lord of the doors in Death's Door we must cause the damage enough until he invoked a new door which would take us to another area and another stage of combat.
    • Fourth stage: the first thing to consider is what is necessary for the Hookshot spell again to progress through this area, we will become trapped until the last moment where we can dodge the wall with a bull to continue, we will reach an area of ​​flowers that we have caused damage we will see how our opponent adds some attacks, resulting in a pink glow and hits against the earth on 3 occasions, which makes some red pillars shoot, as for How to defeat the Lord of the doors in Death's Door we must dodge thanks to the space that is presented to achieve it, we must move in an anti-clockwise direction, once it has made its brilliant pillar attack we will see what the combo will do and again the bright attack, what we will do is repeat until let's move on.
    • Fifth stage: the ground is breakable in this stage which turns out to be a bull zone, what we will do is use our spell to pass quickly while we dodge in Death's Door this opponent launches a Betty that comes around us if we enter the area, we must dodge it or get under where it will impact, by hitting it a couple of times we will see that it makes another roll or the combo, in order to achieve How to defeat the Lord of the doors we have to cause enough damage to continue to the next stage.
    • Sixth stage: during this we must always go forward passing through the rolls dodging and using the Hookshot, considering that bulls are coming from behind us, we can help ourselves with the bank avoiding damage, now on How to beat the Lord of the doors we have that in the end we will reach a place where we will have our health and magic to the maximum in Death's Door, which turns out to be a control point, we must go down the path for our improvements, and we will enter the final stage of this combat.
    • Seventh stage: in this last stage on How to beat the Lord of the doors in Death's Door, he turns out to be a superior enemy, he will perform complicated combinations with his attacks, with a single snap of his fingers explosive jars come out of the doors, he makes a combo with a ball rolling that is important that we dodge, continue using its 3-hit combo, we must take advantage of attacking when we avoid the jars, to its repertoire it adds a new attack where it places a white circle around us, we must get out of this by pressing the button, that causes triple red pillar attacks, normally we dodge it, the moment we leave the circle we can go to attack it causing damage, as for How to beat the Lord of the doors adds a flight mechanic, taking it to the top of the room and shooting a laser added to the invocation of bulls, you have to run in their direction to avoid it by making a horizontal oval around its laser focus, while using We show our dodge roll, we will see it crashing into the ground, but from there it invokes a red ball from which we must escape because a great attack is coming in Death's Door that will affect much of the place, we follow the patterns, and we will have finally won.

    We can conclude that knowing how to beat the Lord of the doors is easier than we thought, just follow the instructions, and we will finish with this in Death's Door.

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