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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on Where to find Agar in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver presents you with an incredible world where you will live exciting aquatic adventures, and while you are exploring underwater and serving the food that is requested of you, you will come across a secondary mission that you will have to complete successfully to continue advancing in the story. of the game.

This mission is called “Red Ecological Data”, and in this mission Dave will be asked to find two red starfish and two Agar. And although this may sound a bit complicated, you should not worry, since in this guide we are going to provide you with the necessary help.

Dave the Diver: Agar Location

The first thing you will need to know is that Agar is found between 0 to 50 meters deep in the south of the ship, and although you may be confused and think that Agar is a type of fish, it is actually an exotic plant.

Once you enter the Blue Hole, you will have to dive into the depths of the sea. You'll have to come across some random fish and plants through your search, but you'll need to ignore them and keep swimming to the right depth to find it. And if you don't know exactly what Agar looks like, let me tell you that this one looks like a sprig of red algae (just like the photo above).

You will have to collect this plant by cutting it with your melee weapon and thus, the Agar should appear between your dives, allowing you to quickly collect what you need. Once you find them, you'll have no problem getting more in the distant future. Keep in mind that you will need to collect five Agar again so that you can carry out your ''Ecological Research'', in addition to being necessary for some recipes.

You will have to be very attentive, since you will most likely get various weapons at the depth where you are, which you will have to learn to use so that you can eliminate those enemies that are at the bottom of the sea waiting for you.

What is agar used for in Dave the Diver?

This exotic plant serves as an incredible ingredient to make various Sushi Bar dishes. Keep in mind that those recipes that have several ingredients tend to generate more income, especially those that represent a challenge when finding them. Although spending so much time diving in the depths of the sea tends to be quite tedious, once you get what you need, you will see that it was all worth it.

On the Sushi Bar menu you will find all the ingredients you will need, along with the depth in which you can find each ingredient, so you will have to constantly consult this research tool.

Where to find Agar in Dave the Diver

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Clear! To find Hagar in the game "Dave the Diver", follow these steps:

1. Agar Location: The Agar is located south of where you start diving, less than 50 meters underwater. If you check your homework, you will see that Agar is a plant.

2. Appearance of Agar: Agar looks like a type of red algae. You can find it in several places:

  •  - Under an escape pod, where you should see two Agar plants.
  •  - Approximately 40 meters deep, under an oxygen tank and a weapons case. Watch out for three angry fish near this group of Hagar.

3. Gathering the Agar: To collect the Agar, cut it with your melee weapon. The Agar should reappear, usually in pairs, on each dive. Remember that they only appear between 1 and 50 meters below the surface.

This is everything you need to know about Where to find Agar in Dave the Diver, following this guide it will surely be much easier for you to get this incredible plant that will be very useful when making the Sushi Bar recipes. You will only need Be attentive and follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying the adventures that Dave the Diver has for you.

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