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We have made a guide to explain to you How to Change Server Region in Once Human.

Once Human, the PvP game that brings together Supercell characters in one world, has gained great popularity since its release on Steam. Available for both PC and mobile platforms, the game has sparked the interest of numerous players.

Being a relatively new game, many users are likely to encounter the need to change the server region of Once Human during their gaming experience. However, this process can be somewhat complex if you do not know the proper method.

Below is a detailed guide on how to change the server region in Once Human, as well as solutions to possible high ping issues that may arise after the change.

How to change the server region in Once Human?

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Changing Steam Server Region

Since Once Human does not have an official method to change the server region at this time, it is necessary to resort to an alternative method through Steam:

Add a game to the Steam Shopping Cart:

  • Access the Steam store page for any game.
  • Select the desired game and add it to the shopping cart.

Change Steam Region

  • Open the Steam Shopping Cart.
  • Located in the top right corner, select the drop-down menu next to the current currency.
  • Choose a different region from the available list.
  • If the option to change the region is not available, it is necessary to contact Steam Support.

Complete the Purchase

  • Click "Buy for myself" or "Buy as a gift."
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase using the new selected Steam region.

Automatically changing the Once Human server region

  • Once the purchase is complete, Once Human should automatically use the new Steam server region.
  • In case the game continues to use the previous server, restart Steam and try again.

Troubleshooting high ping after changing servers

  • If you experience high ping after changing servers, the following measures can be applied:

Check the quality of your network connection

  • Use a network speed test tool to check the upload, download, and latency speed of your connection.
  • If you experience problems with your connection, contact your Internet Service Provider for resolution.

Adjust game settings

  • Within the game options, reduce the graphics quality, disable unnecessary effects, and lower the game resolution.
  • These actions can help reduce network load and improve ping.

Select a nearby server

  • If possible, choose a server that is geographically closest to the user's location.
  • Once Human allows you to change servers, so it is recommended to try different locations until you find the one that offers the best performance.

Additional Considerations

  • Changing the Steam server region may have other repercussions, such as affecting the availability of in-game purchases.
  • This workaround is not guaranteed to work permanently, and Once Human may implement an official method for changing the server in the future.

In conclusion, while changing the server region in Once Human is not a straightforward process, by following the steps outlined in this formal technical guide and taking into account the solutions to potential ping issues, players will be able to enjoy a smoother and more optimal gameplay experience.

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