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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Get Digby Boy in Once Human.

Nothing can be more tedious than extracting the minerals that Once Human present manually, since it ends up consuming your time in this task. Fortunately, there are characters called Deviants who love mines and will help you with minerals and one of them is called Digby Boy.

He will be in charge of carrying out all the mineral extraction near your base, which will be very useful to you, however, you will need to be very attentive, since the only way you can obtain Digby Boy is through a secondary mission that can go unnoticed before your eyes. That is why in this guide we explain everything you need to know to get your mining assistant.

How To Get Digby Boy in Once Human

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  • Main Story Progression: Advance the main storyline until you reach Deadsville and activate the Teleporter.
  • Deadsville Completion: Complete the relevant main quest stage in Deadsville, granting you a motorcycle as a reward.

Steps to Acquisition:

  • 1. Locate Lowe in Deadsville: Identify a shady character named Lowe near a table by a house in Deadsville.
  • 2. Initiate the "Deviation Expert" Quest: Engage Lowe in conversation regarding Deviants. This will trigger the "Deviation Expert" side quest.
  • 3. Follow the Quest Marker: Utilize the provided quest marker to locate Digby Boy's position.
  • 4. Gather Copper Ore: Digby Boy requires 30 units of Copper Ore as an incentive to join your cause. Explore the vicinity of Deadsville to locate Copper Ore deposits.
  • 5. Offer the Copper Ore: Present the collected Copper Ore to Digby Boy.
  • 6. Secure Digby Boy's Assistance: Although the capture chance displays as 20%, this being a quest scenario, successful capture is guaranteed. 
  • 7. Construct the Isolated Securement Unit: Access the build menu and navigate to the Facilities section. Select and construct the Isolated Securement Unit (second option) after ensuring you possess the necessary materials.
  • 8. Utilize the Isolated Securement Unit: Interact with the built unit by selecting "Use Facility." Right-click to place Digby Boy within the unit.
  • 9. Collect Resources: Digby Boy will autonomously mine ore within your current location. Monitor the unit's storage and periodically collect the accumulated resources.

Utilizing Digby Boy's Services:

The type of ore Digby Boy gathers is contingent upon your current location. His passive operation allows you to focus on other objectives while he diligently gathers resources. 

This is everything you need to know about How To Get Digby Boy in Once Human, following this guide it will surely be much easier for you to obtain this incredible mining assistant, which will be extremely useful to you. You will only need to be very attentive while completing the secondary mission and follow the instructions provided, all while having fun with everything Once Human has in store for you.

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