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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to get a pet cat in Once Human.

Without a doubt, Once Human never ceases to surprise fans of the community with all the incredible elements it has, allowing players to exploit all their skills as a player while having fun in the process and advancing the story.

One of the elements that the game presents to you is an adorable and surprisingly large kitten, which you can get to roam around your base, something really adorable and if you don't know exactly how you can get this cat to be your pet, don't worry. Don't worry, because in this guide you will find everything you need to know about it, so keep reading and find out.

How to get a pet cat in Once Human

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  • Complete an early quest for Mary to unlock Deadsville and acquire the motorcycle.

Locating the Extradimensional Cat:

  • 1. Deadsville Access: Utilize the motorcycle obtained from Mary's quest to travel to Deadsville.
  • 2. Targeted Search:** Locate the house situated behind Lowe, who can be found seated at a table outside.
  • 3. Comprehensive Investigation: The Extradimensional Cat exhibits a dynamic spawn pattern.  Meticulously search all rooms within the house and explore the surrounding exterior. 
  •  (Optional Tip: The cat may be encountered within the room occupied by James Garland)
  • 4. World Switching (Optional): In the event the cat remains elusive, employ the Teleporter situated in Deadsville to traverse between alternate realities.  Repeat the search process in each world until successful.

Capture and Containment:

  • 1. Engagement: The Extradimensional Cat presents no escape upon initial capture attempts.  Feel free to engage without apprehension.
  • 2. Isolated Securement Unit: Upon capture, house the cat within the Isolated Securement Unit at your base.

Companion Benefits:

  • Enhanced Energy Regeneration: The Extradimensional Cat exhibits the endearing behavior of sleeping beside you at night.  This companionship grants a bonus to your energy regeneration upon waking.
  • Toy Acquisition and Enrichment: To ensure the cat's continued happiness, provide it with toys discovered throughout your base.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to get a pet cat in Once Human will help you and that you will be able to get this adorable pet to roam freely in your base. You will only need to follow the instructions provided, all while having fun with the experiences that Once Human has for you.

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