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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-11 13:48:38

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Guide to learn where to find ammo in Cyberpunk 2077

 The game that combines cutting-edge technology with street life is finally here, so it is to be expected that many players are still in the phase of learning basic things such as how weapons work and if they require something basic, such as ammunition, and the answer to this question is: Yes! Although in the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, technology has advanced on a large scale you still require ammunition so getting it is a priority if you do not want to go unarmed (although this depends on how your character is configured) so if you are not sure where to find ammo in the game Look no further! that this guide is for you.

Where to find ammo in Cyberpunk 2077?

The places to get them mostly remain the same as the previous editions. So once you find some good fonts, be sure to stick to them during your time in the game. Get in the habit of checking your ammo sources whenever you have some free time or focusing on certain activities during missions to maximize your ammo returns
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Places to get ammunition

Gun shop

While there are many different types of ammo you can find them simply by checking the map for the closest one, and they almost always contain every type of ammo you could want. If a mission is approaching where there will be a considered amount of shots throughout it, the best thing you can do is go to one of these places.

Killing enemies

Killed enemies will offer up a bit of whatever ammo they were using against you, so if you're good with your headshots, you can easily end up with a surplus.

While on these missions, you will also see a lot of ammo boxes. While these only contain one type of ammo, they are helpful in keeping your stock high as they are so plentiful.

Manufacture of Ammunition

In order to craft your own ammunition this requires that you have leveled up and gained the perks to allow it. Once you've done that, you can open your character's menu and select crafting to see what ammunition you can craft and how much they will cost. Although creating your ammunition does not turn out to be a quality thing, you will have many advantages to doing it because it is a great way to get more ammo when you are in a pinch.

 Now that you know where to find ammunition in Cyberpunk 2077, you can always be loaded with these in case you have to face different enemies throughout your journey through this chaotic city. Luck!

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