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2020-12-11 20:23:25

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Today we bring you a Cyberpunk 2077 guide where we are going to explain how to load a malware on the server

Where is the server in Cyberpunk 2077?

It should be noted that to know how to load malware on the server it is necessary to know where to go so that this leads us to choose to visit a mega-construction, that is, the H11 building, so that it is necessary to move intelligently and Careful as the idea is to go unnoticed, this building is located on the south side next to the Kabuli on the north side of the Watson district.
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How to upload a malware to the server in Cyberpunk 2077?

Our task makes us have to mobilize ourselves in a mission that involves choosing to hack in addition to going unnoticed since the area of ​​the building near the elevator is covered with some enemies that can be complex and this makes it necessary to duck, to go to the Server room located on the 5th floor, which is necessary is to take care of being stealthy to avoid that these enemies can catch us in Cyberpunk 2077 which leads us to hack some cameras to highlight some enemies, in such a way that knowing how to load malware on the server leads us to carry out some additional tasks.

In this sense, this implies starting by hacking the camera on the right side of the room, since it is the one that is somewhat closer to us and thus choosing to turn it off by pinging for which it is necessary to choose to deactivate it from some distance removed, from there it is necessary to move through one of the two routes that are available and are:

  •  Move through the path on the left, thus considering using the camera to ping the enemies that may be around these sides in Cyberpunk 2077 in addition to choosing to turn it off.
  • Moving to the right is possible, however, this route does nothing favorable for us, since even when there is a camera which we can turn off, what it does is block the stairs.
  • There is another camera in the center of the main room so that it can be used to hack some things, there are also some that cannot be hacked so it is ideal to turn it off since its greatest advantage is having a view where it is possible to observe everyone.


 Taking the route on the right is an option but not the most favorable to hide from enemies, which are a total of 4 in Cyberpunk 2077, in this sense knowing How to load malware on the server allows us to choose to approach the enemies in a stealthy way and For this, it is pertinent to approach the one who is sitting on the left side of the room is a chair, so we take care of taking it carefully without anyone suspecting it and taking it to the staircase in total silence, after that it is important to consider choosing a one of the three to remove it where it is more favorable to choose to make any of these choices, locating the one that is even more favorable for us in Cyberpunk2077 and it can be done in this way:


  •  The enemy on the left side of the room requires us to wait a bit since they tend to stay there and go to the right side sometimes.
  • The enemy on the left side usually stays in place but to deal with this it is necessary to wait for a little.
  • We can choose to knock out the enemy on the right and proceed to drag him behind the servers in such a way that no one can see us.


 It is necessary to eliminate who is located on the left side of the room to know how to load a malware on the server, only at this point we can observe that one of the members of the gang who has moved behind us enough close to the server, it is only necessary to choose to wait for some time since it usually moves and it is important to have the possibility of escaping to distract them and when this usually happens we have the opportunity to take them and in this way finally get to go to the room to load the malware trying to do this task in silence so as not to wake up other guards who are around here but who are asleep for our good fortune.

 Now that you know How to load a malware on the server, it is time to embark on this task and make Cyberpunk 2077 a space for entertainment and the possibility of doing a hacking activity, you can try it as it is interesting.

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