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Angel Marquez
2020-12-12 01:57:26

More about: Cyberpunk 2077

Learn how to get and use all Items as it is a necessary task to advance in Cyberpunk 2077.

What to know about Cyberpunk 2077?

There are many Items that we can use in our journey to support us to progress in the game, this being in the night city to survive, weapons, food, drinks, and even grenades are necessary, in this guide we will have related details As for How to get and use all items, then let's pay attention to the following content.
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How to get and use all Item in Cyberpunk 2077?


  •  The Weapons: There are many classes of weapons that are vitally important for our survival in Cyberpunk 2077, there are several types and these are the following:
  • Those of power: it is possible in terms of how to obtain and use all Item, that this helps us control the movement of the shots when combined with the ballistic coprocessor and the trajectory generator.
  • The Technological: with these, it is possible to load the shots and this means that when the shot is fired, the cover will be penetrated, even hitting the enemies through the walls, ideal for fighting in buildings. There are many ammunition of all kinds, considering that they can reach To be shared between the different weapons as long as they are of the same class, it must be taken into account that the weapons can be improved with some accessories, such as visors and silencers, also the statistics can be improved, among which the body statistics are also modified. to melee like blades and blunt weapons.
  •  The Clothes and Armor: we have that the clothes are simple aesthetic and generic in Cyberpunk 2077, while the armor serves to protect us from damage to a certain point, considering the armor value that is represented in both, it is possible to improve them, the armor by Example with 10 allows stopping 1 DPS, this can be improved and even decreased with mods and cyberware, in our inventory we can equip it and thus be able to understand in this case how to obtain and use all Items.
  • The combat Gadgers: these should be used for different reasons, since it allows us to equip the grenades and cyber-software that slot in Cyberpunk 2077 if we want to use them to fight in different situations, in terms of how to obtain and use all the Items We have that with the R1 it is possible to use the slot but it is ideal that the use is adequate, keeping the R1 it is possible to form a launching arc that will help us as a reference, while with the triangle pressing and holding it we can go to the slot of the gadget combat and choose between the Items that we have here.
  • The consumables: we have that these about How to obtain and use all Items brings with it a slot that is dedicated and is for quick use, this is the D-Pad, which leads us to use that object that is in this slot, the healing will be here, which is advantageous when we are in combat or engaged, even to our inventory it is possible to add them, some drinks help us with the resistance to be regenerated, we must have the correct object to not wasting time, we just have to hold down the triangle to change it and then we go through the quickslot of consumables in Cyberpunk 2077, the D-Pad upwards allows us to use the object quickly if we have to go through the inventory.
  • Create and update the Items : if we have the resources in Cyberpunk 2077 we will have the possibility to both create and update them, this is possible with the help of the crafts tab that is in the pause menu, you just have to have the specifications of the object and the resources mentioned here, as we progress we will accumulate the resources by looting around the world, buying and improving our skills, taking into account How to obtain and use all the Items, a classification is presented in each of them and it is color-coded for it, while it is a rare object this will be better, only that more resources will be necessary so that it can be created or updated, it is necessary that we buy the advantages of the highest levels, being for rare Items the actual craftsman advantage, epic items have the Monkey Perk fat and legendary items have The Craftsman Edgerunner Perk, it is good to note that items by e This route is better than the shops, so it is better if we work the crafts ourselves, thus having the best.


 Knowing how to obtain and use all the Items gives us the necessary knowledge to improve our performance and fun in Cyberpunk 2077.

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