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Angel Marquez
2023-09-26 13:42:10

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How To Free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0. Boost your gameplay with our step-by-step guide.

In Cyberpunk 2077, one of the exciting missions players undertake is called "Pickup." This mission involves rescuing an important character named Brick from the All Foods Factory. The objective of this blog post is to provide a detailed guide on how to free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077, focusing on two different approaches: negotiating with Royce or employing direct fire entry. By following these strategies, players can successfully complete the mission while making strategic choices along the way.

Negotiating with Royce:

When players first encounter Royce in the Pickup mission, they have the option to negotiate peacefully by paying him 10,000 credits. This approach can resolve the situation without resorting to violence, but it's essential to retrieve the money afterward by eliminating Royce. By choosing this option, players can avoid unnecessary bloodshed and maintain a friendly approach.

Rescuing Brick from All Foods Factory:

Once negotiations are complete, players can move on to the next phase of the mission, which involves locating Brick and freeing him from the All Foods Factory.

Locating the glass-walled rooms:

To find Brick, players must search for two glass-walled rooms within the All Foods Factory. These rooms are typically guarded by enemies, so it's important to proceed with caution. Use stealth or combat skills to eliminate any threats and clear the path towards the glass-walled rooms.

Opening the locked door:

Once players reach the locked door blocking their access to Brick, they have two methods to open it: using Brick's door code or utilizing Remote Deactivation through quick hacks.

  • Using Brick's door code: If players have obtained Brick's door code, which is "9691," they can easily input it into the control panel next to the locked door. This will unlock the door and allow access to Brick's location.
  • Hacking the door:Alternatively, players can choose to hack into the control panel near the locked door. By using quick hacks such as "Breach Protocol" or "Remote Deactivation," players can disable the lock mechanism and gain entry to the room.

Disarming the Detonator: 

Upon entering the room where Brick is held captive, players will notice a Detonator placed near him. To ensure Brick's safety, it's crucial to disarm the Detonator.

  • Disarming the Detonator: To disarm the Detonator, players must pick it up and interact with it. A prompt will appear, allowing players to select the "Disarm charge" option. By doing so, players neutralize the explosive threat and ensure Brick's safety.

Enter Brick's room and rescue him:

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After successfully disarming the Detonator, players can enter Brick's room and rescue him.

Using Brick's door code:

If players have already used Brick's door code to open the locked door, they can simply proceed inside the room and interact with Brick to free him. This method is quick and efficient, allowing players to swiftly rescue Brick.

Provide step-by-step instructions on using Brick's door code "9691" in Cyberpunk 2077:

  • - Approach the control panel next to the locked door
  • - Interact with the control panel.
  • - Input the code "9691" using the on-screen prompt.
  • - Once the code is entered correctly, the locked door will unlock.

Hacking the door:

For players who chose to hack the control panel instead of using Brick's door code, they can employ their hacking skills to gain entry into Brick's room.

Outline how players can hack into the door as an alternative method:

  • - Use quick hacks like "Breach Protocol" or "Remote Deactivation" to initiate the hacking process.
  • - Solve the hacking puzzle by selecting the correct sequences or executing remote deactivation commands.
  • - Once the door is successfully hacked, it will unlock, allowing players to enter and free Brick.

Successfully freeing Brick in Cyberpunk 2077's Pickup mission requires a combination of negotiation skills, combat tactics, and hacking abilities. This guide has outlined two different approaches to completing the mission: negotiating with Royce or employing direct fire entry. By following the steps provided, players can approach the mission in a friendly manner while making strategic choices along the way. Remember to prioritize Brick's safety, disarm the Detonator, and use either Brick's door code or hacking skills to enter his room and rescue him. Good luck, and may you navigate the dangerous world of Cyberpunk 2077 with success and finesse!

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