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BitLife: How to have twins

2020-03-30 14:07:44

While we are in BitLife we are presented with the possibility of achieving many freedoms so let's see How to have twins

Why have twins in BitLife?

Here we are presented with options to have twins regardless of the consequences of the acts, because we have the opportunity to make some important modifications that allow us to make a number of interesting changes only when we are in God mode, because we can intervene in the will power of the person as well as getting the possibility of having twins, because we no longer necessarily have to opt for a natural procreation process.

How to have twins in Bitlife?

 The good thing here is that if we want to have twins we can opt for changes and artificial insemination can be an alternative that helps us in this process, or IVF, since when rolling the dice naturally is usually quite complex, so that the first options proposed are always the most recommended for having twins, apart from being the ideal option for same-sex couples.

It should be noted that both artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are quite favorable processes when we want twins or triplets, only it is not really easy to achieve, since some players do not have this opportunity in their relationships.

 The process to carry out IVF or artificial insemination is quite complex and not both parties may agree, but if both consider it feasible there are more possibilities that it can happen, only it is necessary to take into account that this process can only To be carried out once a year, so if this time it fails, we must wait at least a year to try again, but in the long run with the desired result we will be satisfied.

 We hope you already know How to have twins to get a large family while we go for BitLife, because the effort is really worth it.

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