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BitLife: how to get to awol

2020-03-30 14:16:59

Our guide today focuses on knowing how to get to awol, as it is one of the necessary things that we must do in BitLife.

What can we say about BitLife?

This is a game where reality is not as important as we should think, because we make mistakes, assume the consequences and leave as if nothing, without regrets, childhood takes some important time until we grow up and graduate where reality changes us to we all change certain aspects, we go to the gym, we skip classes to attend the army, in short we grow and take certain courses, where we can achieve the precious achievement that we have been looking for when we grow up.

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    How to get awol in BitLife?

    Addictions are some of the things that we can achieve after the military career, because suddenly we take a liking to alcohol or drugs, because not games, gambling, but addiction for example to alcohol is achieved while we are drinking with our character in a continuous way, however drug addiction works in another way because it is only in two specific places either when we are at a party or when we are in prison and this may happen often, since we make some mistakes due to excess freedom there is.

    Each addiction that we have needs rehabilitation and to achieve this it is necessary to choose the option in the rehabilitation menu that is available in the activities section, there we have two options and we can take the one that seems best to us, we must choose one to cure ourselves and we can continue in the army, once this is done, we can finally achieve the achievement, the ideal is to heal ourselves completely, since this achievement is only achieved in the army and with 18 years of age, after having agreed to an addiction and get the recovery of same.

    In one way or another it is necessary to become addicted to know how to get to awol after a rehabilitation in BitLife, try it will be interesting.

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