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With our Clash of Clans guide, you will learn more about how to fix Crashing.

What to know about crashing in Clash of Clans?

For more expansions that have been presented for this game we must always consider the existence of some errors like this that blocks us, now if we want to be aware of how to solve Crashing we have to closely follow the content that is presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to fix Crashing in Clash of Clans?

We have to see if we are the only ones affected or if there are other players in the same situation, for this we can use the official Twitter of Clash of Clans, which allows us to know what is happening, also make sure that our connection is not irregular, we will get to see if it is something global that may be necessary to wait for the developers, while if we are the only ones affected we have to consider in terms of how to solve Crashing the following details:
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  • Restart the application: we make a correct closure so that after a while we enter the application again, waiting for it to respond again.
  • Network configuration: regarding how to solve Crashing, we can have failures in our internet connection, so we verify that other applications can work normally with the internet, being necessary to go to the configuration of our network to change our Wi-Fi to a mobile network or vice versa.
  • Device restart: what we will do in this option for Clash of Clans is to turn off the mobile to restart it, waiting for the system to update, when it is ready we can try to run the application again.
  • Reinstall the application: considering that we may have some Clash of Clans files, this option may be necessary, so we delete the application having a backup of our progress and then download it through the Play Store and log in to our Gamecenter account or Google.
  • Clear storage of the mobile: in case of not having the necessary space, it is opportune that some applications or media be eliminated, because by needing to download new files the game can be a problem, a storage at the top, causing this problem, with a storage booster we will be cleaning files.
  • Delete cache: as for how to solve Crashing, for this we will go to the game configuration, being necessary to force deleting the cache, even the data that goes with the hard restart we can delete, it is important to have a backup of the game in our account.
  • Factory reset: with all of the above failing, what we will do is remove the memory and storage completely from our mobile, doing a factory reset, for this we use the configuration to confirm it.

In this way we finish our Clash of Clans guide, now you know how to fix Crashing, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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