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We have made a guide in order to explain how to recover an account in Clash of Clans.

What is the point of recovering an account in Clash of Clans?

  Sometimes we lose access to our account and recovering it becomes a necessary task to execute, even though this is a fairly old mobile game, it should be noted that there are players who usually return daily, only some have problems with the account and this makes it necessary to recover them, this allows access to the game, in case you are in this dilemma, we will explain what you should do in this guide.

How to recover an account in Clash of Clans?

It should be noted that losing access to these accounts is a broad topic, there are two reasons why an account is lost and they are:
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  • The account can be connected to something, such is the case of a phone number, social network.
  • The account is not connected to anything.


 If our account has connections, call Facebook, Google or others, we need to restore access to these platforms, we can do this through email or phone number, then we will log in using them.

If our account does not have connections things become more complicated and this implies having to contact the support team, this implies going to Settings and then Help and support to report this problem and go to Other problem where we will get information on:

  •  The name of your old town.
  • The name of the clan your village is a part of.
  • The level of the town hall of that town.
  • The date and time of the last time you played in this town.


 We conclude this guide on How to recover an account in Clash of Clans, it will only be enough to follow the indicated steps, try it.

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