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Crashes usually occur in all games and Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is no different, let's see how to fix crashing on startup.

What is Crashing when starting in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

This is nothing more than a blockage when we are starting the game, and it does not allow us to start, this error is added to those that we have obtained in advance, cover everything, this error usually occurs regularly in the case of playing on PC, so that it is necessary to know how to fix crashing on startup, taking into account that when loading the game it only shows us the welcome screen and returns us to the desktop, there are players who have chosen to restart the PC, but in some cases this is not usually enough, thinking about it, we have brought some options that are feasible.

How to fix crashing on startup in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Choose to update graphics drivers:
sometimes the main cause of problems are outdated drivers, so we will have to update them, and we will see that by doing so we do not get this error to appear again, to update we must:
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  • Open Device Manager and type in the search box to show us the list of devices that are installed.
  • Then we click on Display adapters and here we will get the name of the graphics card, we just have to expand the list and to do so we just right-click on the card.
  • Next, we click on Update driver to give us the option to search for drivers automatically or manually install a driver saved on our PC.
  • Next, we click Search for drivers automatically and our PC will search for them online to install.

Eliminate Mods and REFrameworks: this is another option that usually favors us to know how to solve the crashing when starting, these modifications are usually not compatible with the expansion of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and this generates the error, however, it is worth taking a look at the page of our favorite Mod, this because some are usually updating quickly to use it with the expansion.

Check the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak files: this is another of the fixes that can be executed to know how to solve the crashing when starting and this usually applies in case of having installed the game through Steam, in this case we must:

  • Open Steam library and right click on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, we will click on Manage icon.
  • Next, we click on the Local Files tab and select Verify the integrity of game files.
  • This verification process is usually quick and corrects errors in the event that a file is corrupt or missing.

In this sense, knowing how to fix crashing on startup offers us the opportunity to apply some of these fixes and thus continue enjoying Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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