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2022-10-13 10:26:50

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There are many things to do in games, let's see How to get spell towers in Clash of Clans.

What are spell towers in Clash of Clans?

These are nothing more than some defense structures that we have in the game and that are part of the news that we got in the most recent update, there are two new defenses and this tower is one of them, we just have to comply with some requirements to get him and about this we will talk here.

How to get spell towers in Clash of Clans?

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To unlock this defense, it is necessary to reach level 15 of Townhall, this usually launches an enemy that is usually within our reach, we will see that it is a small enough construction that we can well squeeze within our base nucleus, when reaching level 15 we can build Spell Towers we just have to have a good amount of gold, this means having 14,000,000 gold for a level 1 tower, where we will unlock the Wrath spell, then we can upgrade it to level 2 unlocking the Poison spell and level 3 unlocking the Invisibility spell.

Here is the cost, plus the time required, to upgrade the tower:

  • 1 Rage Spell costs 14,000,000 and requires 14d
  • 2 Poison Spell is worth 16,000,000 and requires 16d
  • 3 Invisibility Spell usually costs 18,000,000 and requires 18d.

By increasing the tower, we are allowed to have the possibility of changing between the spells of:

Wrath: which allows increasing buildings, heroes and defending troops.

that we can launch against the enemy army and heroes, in addition to slowing them down and making them weak.

which allows us to make our entire radius invisible and this allows us to spoil the strategies that our enemy can use.

It is necessary to take into account that this tower is a defense strategy that can cast a spell every 45 seconds, we can use guts as bait for this tower in the game and thus take advantage.

We conclude this guide on How to get spell towers in Clash of Clans, it will be enough to have the necessary requirements and get rid of the enemies without greater complexity.

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