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2022-07-06 09:55:14

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We welcome you to our Fall Guys guide where we will talk about How to play Count the Fruit Round.

What to know about the fruit round in Fall Guys?

This is one of the mini-games that are required to progress between the stages of the game, this leads us to climb and memorize the fruit that has fallen on the sand, being an obstacle in our progress we have to be skillful to complete it, now looking for support Regarding How to play Count the Fruit Round, we have at our disposal the instructions that will be presented in this guide from now on, let's see.

How to play Count the Fruit Round in Fall Guys?

We will go through a couple of stages in How to Play Count the Fruit Round in Fall Guys and the details of each of them are as follows:
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  • First stage: early we will go through the minigames, in this stage we will be on the ground floor of an arena with a couple of platforms, which are at the ends, we will see fruits fall around us with different types of them, what we will do is to go to one of the platforms to climb to the upper layer, when we are here we must look around us to memorize how many different fruits are in the sand, considering that it is not possible to know which fruit is the relevant one remembering the ones that have been eliminated, there are some blank squares between the platforms where we have to drop while the slime is flooding the arena in Fall Guys.

  • Second stage: here we will see that the slime will rise to cover the fruit, the next thing in terms of How to play Count the fruit round is that we are asked which fruit had a certain number of examples, being in such a way that if there are 3 and a white space we would be asked what fruit there were out of three in this round, the potential options are presented when the white tiles light up, having to quickly climb to the correct answer before the others disappear, we must do it quickly and with confidence in our answers, during each round an important variety of fruits falls, being a complex challenge, to avoid elimination it is necessary to memorize at least a couple of fruits and with their respective numbers when we are up, we can choose if we fail for the option that they arise fruit options.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to Play Count the Fruit Round has been very useful for your progress and fun in Fall Guys.

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