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Angel Marquez
2020-12-21 00:23:53

More about: Call of Duty warzone

Today we bring you a guide to Call of Duty warzone, where we will talk about How to fix error 6661.

What to know about error 6661 in Call of Duty warzone?

Currently, having an important function present in the battle royale of this game, we found many important things to highlight, easily accessing the battle pass the progress of XP in 3 titles together of the franchise, however, there has been a problem that affects some of us, which makes it necessary to look for details that help us solve How to fix error 6661, this error is added to others that are capable of affecting our gameplay, causing the impediment of joining online games very frequently in Call of Duty warzone, so solutions are sought to be able to continue playing in the online multiplayer again between the 3 games, if we look for the details it is good to try to see what they are going to offer in terms of How to fix error 6661 in this explanatory guide, You just have to see what brings us from here on, then let's see.

How to fix error 6661 in Call of Duty warzone?

After the season 1 patch has been obtained, we are more players presenting this problem on our PC, this occurs within a period of failure for every 2 hours it occurs, by Activision the issue has not even been touched, others speak that between 4 and 5 hours they are presented with the error in Call of Duty warzone, the different visible options such as reinstalling the game and drivers that are related to the graphic and more have no effect to correct it, which leads us to take into account how to repair the error 6661, the following options.
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  • The Restart: it is necessary that we do a restart either of our PC or Console in which we are playing Call of Duty Warzone, which allows the option to repair some errors quickly, so we turn off and restart the device we are using, but if it remains the same, there is much more to try to find the solution.
  • The Power Cycle: you have to turn off the device and disconnect from the current, then you have to wait for about 30 seconds to reconnect, finally, regarding How to repair error 6661, we restart it and verify if the error persists or not.
  • The Router Power Cycle: the power of our router is an important factor, with which it is possible to find many errors like this one, if we are already sure of the optimal operation of the device where we are playing Call of Duty Warzone, we will go to the router, since it can be a connectivity issue, then we have to turn it off from the power supply or with its corresponding button, then we must disconnect it from the power, wait for at least a minute to connect it again, we turn on and make the connection to see if this error persists or not.
  • Check the internet connection: It is necessary that the network be verified among the options regarding How to repair error 6661, this is because there may be a failure in the speed of data transmission, now for those of us who are on PC from the online test sites they can be verified, while if we are on the consoles we will be able to do it with the network speed test that is in the network configuration.
  • Repairing the files on the PC: we are required to open the Battle.net client, looking in the left panel for the game, then we go through the gear options that allow us to perform the scan and repair of the files, once start the Call of Duty Warzone scan we must wait for it to complete and then close and restart the PC.
  • The game update: one of the answers that can be useful to How to fix error 6661 is the game update, which leads us on PC to access the Battle.net launcher and enter the Blizzard logo that is on the screen, then we will go to the configuration and installation and update of the game, so then we will go to the application of the most recent updates, being necessary for the patches that will come out soon, and to finish we have to save the changes, the next thing is to restart the launcher, considering that from now on the franchise games will be updated automatically.
  • Firmware update: both on the PC and on the console it is necessary to be up-to-date with the respective firmware updates, since the compatibility of games like Call of Duty Warzone depends on it, so we will go to the configuration menu device to check the update, if there is one, you just have to install it.
  • The Reinstallation of the game: among so many options that can help us to see How to repair the error 6661 this can be one of the applied ones, for this we will go to the beginning that will take us to the dashboard, and we look to uninstall or repair the fire with the click Right on this, after confirming the process it will be uninstalled, when it happens it must go through it, the system relapses, which leads us to look for the game again in the blizzard launcher Battle.net to find it and download it to install it again, in this way it must be possible to play without obstacles.

 Finally, now that we know how to fix error 6661 we can return to the action that is experienced in Call of Duty Warzone.

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