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Edelmira Leon
2021-03-03 14:27:20

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If you want to know how to play B n 'D minigame in Bravely Default 2, we're going to cover everything you need right away.

What is the Bravely Default 2 minigame B n 'D?

This is the B n 'D minigame that was added by the developers to the mix. It is basically a strategic card game in which you will have to venture through the territory on the map.

How to play B n 'D minigame in Bravely Default 2?

You can access this minigame after having completed the bet in Savalon and you can find it in the Gambling Hall of an NPC named Shirley, who will teach you how to play the minigame.

When you start the game, she will only have access to basic cards and you start at rank C. You will be able to get more cards as you win rounds. But in order to start the game you will have to flip a coin to determine who goes first> select the deck of cards, taking into account that each player places 6 cards and the one who has more control over the territory at the end of the game wins.

The colors of the cards represent the area it controls, in addition there will also be special cards such as the job cards that have special additional powers and the character cards that are even more powerful and permanent until they are canceled by other character cards.
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How to play B n 'D minigame in Bravely Default 2 and win?

One way to win is by paying attention to the green squares of the selected cards and if you have a chance to play one of the squares to overlap an enemy square, the card in question will once again be unoccupied when played.

Another way to win is by surrounding the enemy squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally between yours, to make them yours and in this way take over enemy territory.

Another method is to claim all the cards from the enemy, which will allow you to establish the rules when you face that enemy, so you can establish the conditions of the commitment in the next encounter. However, you should keep in mind that you will not be able to claim any additional cards from the opponent who defeated and has already claimed all the cards.

That's all you need to know about how to
play B n 'D minigame in Bravely Default 2 and win, we hope our guide has been as clear as possible, and you manage to access and win during your adventures in the minigame.

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