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Angel Marquez
2021-03-03 14:31:39

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We invite you to discover How to beat Galahad, a new task in Bravely Default 2.

Who is Galahad in Bravely Default 2?

This is the third boss that we will face in chapter 2, this comes to be known as the shield master, this character was brainwashed in Wiswald, which has allowed us to have a strange attitude, once we arrived in the land of Elvis we will be attacked by this, and we will enter a combat, this small encounter concludes with a couple of turns, but in the end it is necessary to face him again in the tower of the treetop, which makes it important to know how to beat Galahad and this will be solved with the details of the following content, let's see.
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How to beat Galahad in Bravely Default 2?

The Picto demons will be in Galahad's team, which makes this fight very complicated, apart from this he has his own demon, the Picto-Mona, so as to how to defeat Galahad we have that his weakness is light, the staff and daggers, then have with us a couple of jobs that allow us to use them efficiently, this because we cannot use earth, wind, spear, bow and sword damage in this Bravely Default 2 combat, we must avoid using them against them, the demon Mona has a weakness with light, staff and swords, but darkness, thunder, water, fire, spear, dagger and blades will be useless against her, a fact to consider of the utmost importance.

The first thing is to go against Mona, who is in charge of curing the group, it is important that looking for How to beat Galahad will go through the fact of individual objectives, then we have that swords are useless against him, it is appropriate to count on our team with a vanguard to be able to kill her quickly using the Neo Cross Clash, then our next objective will be Beleth, who has a weakness to thunder, to eliminate it we must apply the same as we did the first time we faced it and for Amrita the same, which They will be able to Galahad as the only one pending to win in Bravely Default 2, what we will do is focus on physical attacks, it is necessary to burn their life points, but it is something that will be done very slowly, so we will focus on their weak points, or we will give them with a monk who is part of our team using the ability of Bare-Knuckle Brawler and thus hit him hard every time.

A suitable strategy is to have Roddy and Lily in the team, the first one is in charge of healing and the other in paralyzing the enemy, a healer is important to have our health at the top, in order to avoid high nukes and K You are from Galahad or Amrita having the full AP, in the case of the Picts demons we have that they are certainly immune to the elements, so solving How to beat Galahad will go through the fact of having a black magician in the team, having the level 12 and its second activated specialty, managing to avoid the immunities that everyone has, something that requires many Ethers and we must have enough, when we manage to defeat Galahad in Bravely Default 2 2 we can obtain the Shieldmaster asterisk.

 Knowing how to beat Galahad is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Bravely Default 2.

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