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Find out how to find the Wiki-Wiki bird in this excellent and explanatory guide to Bravely Default 2.

What to know about Wiki-Wiki bird in Bravely Default 2?

It is a bird that we must locate to kill in the game, this in order to have the outstanding amount of XP that is obtained when killing it, it is a strange monstrosity that can be risky to face but it will be worth it for what it rewards its death, then it is timely to know How to find the Wiki-Wiki bird and to do so we have to see the specific details of this guide below.

How to find the Wiki-Wiki bird in Bravely Default 2?

To find it we have that the only option is to wait for it to approach us of its own free will, we will be able to identify it by the brightness of its blue and green feathers that become very striking, so we must be clear about how to find to the Wiki-Wiki bird that it will appear on its own, it is certainly a complicated monster due to the low possibility of it appearing, it is very capable when it comes to avoiding most attacks, its main ability being that of escape, then Before he escapes we have to follow some strategies in Bravely Default 2 and we will see them right now.
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  • The examination function: with this we will be able to determine the vulnerabilities and statistics that our enemies have, for this we will do it with Freelancer, we have this ability in the menu of these when we are in combat, achieving a result that allows us to address the most appropriate strategy and with the bird can be very timely to use.

  • Accuracy: certainly the bird has the ability to evade almost everything, so it is necessary that the precision of our attacks is increased to try to hit it with our attacks, which can be possible with the help of buffs and objects.

  • Special attacks: it is important to consider them because the precision of these reaches 100 percent, causing in turn a significant amount of damage, which becomes the best attack option.

  • Black magic: these can certainly be weak when compared to special attacks, but they also have 100 percent accuracy, which allows you to add more advantages in this confrontation.

  • The focus on the bird: it is necessary that we forget about the other enemies and go with everything we have against Wiki Wiki, to try to defeat it before it escapes.

We hope that the detailed information here on How to find the Wiki-Wiki bird has been useful for your progress and fun in Bravely Default 2.

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