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With our help you will see that knowing How to get Saber in Blox Fruits is easier than you thought.

In the early stages of Blox Fruits, Saber is one of the strongest swords of legendary rarity. To face formidable enemies in this game based on One Piece, you need powerful weapons such as devil fruits or swords and guns. The Saber is the best choice as a weapon if you have an offensive build with combo advantages like the Human V3. But how is it obtained? Swords are generally obtained by defeating powerful enemies. For more details, see the following content.

How to get Saber in Blox Fruits?

Players must go to Jungle Island in the First Sea and complete the Saber puzzle quests before they can obtain the Saber sword in Blox Fruits. At the end of these missions, the Saber Expert boss will be waiting for you. Note that this is a level 200 boss, so you need to be at least the same level to defeat him. Otherwise, you can team up with a higher level friend to fight him. But before you meet him on the battlefield, here are some quests you need to complete.

To get the Torch, solve the Jungle Button puzzle.

To get the Torch in the Jungle puzzle, you must find and activate five hidden buttons. When active, these buttons turn green and can unlock a secret room. These buttons do not require any action sequence. Starting from the small island, we will advance north until we reach the main island.

  • Button 1: This button is located at the southernmost tip of the smaller island. It is located next to the makeshift dock.
  • Button 2: Found on a tree near Gorilla's spawn location. It is located next to the spawn location of the Gorilla King boss.
  • Button 3: On the stone building on the main island, this button is located next to the Blox Fruits merchant's cousin.
  • Button 4: In the jungle, northeast of your spawn point. Looking towards Middle Town from a tree.
  • Button 5: It is near the stone ruins by the lake.

Go to the center of the lake next to the Quest NPC after activating all the buttons. Enter the basement next to the NPC and find the torch next to the poem.

The Cup on the Desert Island

The next stage is to head towards the Desert Island. Here is a half-buried house that has a red door. Entering the house, he finds a brown door in the basement. Knock on the door and equip the torch. When the door burns, go in and take the cup.

Help the sick person in the frozen town

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After drinking, go to Frozen Village for the next task. In this case, you should fill the cup with water and give it to the sick person.

What is the purpose of Blox Fruits codes in Roblox?

Look for the cave at the back of the island where the NPC Ability Teacher is located to fill the cup. Looking for a dripping water icicle, stand under it to fill the cup and exit the cave. Now, go to the village and go to the sick man's house, which is next to the Shop NPC. To receive his reward, he will offer the cup to the sick person and ask you to meet his son.

Find the Rich Man in the Pirate Village

Finding the rich man, son of the sick man, is the next step of the search. It's in Pirate Village. Interact with him and he will thank his father for his help. Unfortunately, he won't be able to pay you because the money was stolen by a mafia leader. To get the money back, you must find the mafia leader and defeat him. You will have to return to Rich Man to receive your reward after completing this boss mission.

Defeat the mafia leader

On a small island north of Pirate Village is the mafia leader (level 120). After defeating this leader, return to the rich man. He will thank you and give you the Ancient Relic as a reward.

Get the Saber after beating the Saber Expert boss.

Return to Jungle Island and go to the stone building where the Blox Fruits merchant's cousin is located to get the Saber sword. Look for a mark on the wall that is comparable to the one on the Ancient Relic. Using the Relic, you can access the hidden area with the Saber Expert boss. You may need help to defeat this powerful enemy. If you face him alone, the best strategy is to unleash your attacks and escape from the battlefield.

You will get the Saber sword as a reward once you defeat this boss. There are two devastating attacks on this sword: Deadly Rush and Triple Slash. If you have enough energy, you can do incredible combos with enemies with a single shot.

This is all you need to know about getting Sable, leaving you to apply the instructions to achieve it without problems and continue with our fun and progress in such a fast-paced game.

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