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We invite you to discover How to Awaken the Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits, a new task.

What to know about the mass fruit in Blox Fruits?

It is one of the different fruits that appear in the game that can help us to get movements and many benefits, now in this case it will be necessary that we know how to awaken the mass fruit in Blox Fruits and to do so we can guide ourselves with the details of the following content, let's see.

How to Awaken the Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits?

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What we will do is go to the Sweet Crafter, NPC and get the Mass Raid Microchip, which happens in the center of town, with this microchip we will start this raid, starting from that there are some steps to consider and these are the following:

  • In the center of the Sea of ​​Treats near the portal we find Sweet Crafter, we interact with him to talk, and he will ask us for a God Chalice and 10 conjured cocoa.
  • The God Chalice requires defeating the pirate NPC that is in the Haunted Sea in the Third Sea.
  • The search for the conjured cocoa will lead us to defeat any enemy in the Sea of ​​Treats.
  • With both obtained, we will go to the Sweet Crafter where we exchange items and obtain a unique Cake Chalice.
  • The next thing is to go with the NOC Drip_Mama, who is on Cake Island
  • Interacting with this, the objective to meet is presented to defeat 500 enemies on the island, something that we can do with friends or alone.
  • Fulfilling this objective, we agree to the confrontation with the King of the mass.
  • Defeating the 500 enemies, we return with Drip_Mama.
  • By defeating the king of the mass, we will get a red key.
  • In case we don't have the Cake Chalice, we will fight with Demon Prince.
  • Having the key, we will go to the Cake Scientist NPC, who is close to the Head Baker on Cake Island.
  • Interacting with this, we will receive the microchip by paying 1000 fragments.
  • The awakening of the mass fruit occurs will take us to the Castle on the Sea landmark to locate the yellow platform.
  • When we stop at this, we start the incursion
  • Completing the raid allows us to update the dough by paying 500 fragments and with this awaken the dough fruit.
  • The reward for it is the Bread Chaser badge.

Now that we know How to Awaken the Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits, we only have to do it to continue with this fun and entertaining game.

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