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2022-12-19 14:17:09

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Today we bring you a guide on How to complete the material girl Challenge in BitLife.

What to know about the material girl challenge in BitLife?

This is a new one that arrives this weekend, where we have 5 objectives to complete, these being to marry 5 or more sugar potatoes, not sign a prenuptial agreement, not hold a job, buy 2 million worth of jewelry while married and buy a yacht, to have an idea of what to do in each objective in terms of How to complete the challenge of the material girl in BitLife, let's take into account the following indications.

How to complete the material girl challenge in BitLife?

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We start with marrying 5 or more sugar daddies, this requires us to buy Bitizen to make changes to the stat, looking to get to 100 percent appearance or start it, with the use of plastic surgery and exercise, we are looking for sugar daddies who are out of high school, we go to the dating option to set the age to 80 or older, while choosing the salary of $100,000, we go to the possibilities to marry this one, then we go to divorce to start again until accumulating what is required by the objective.

The next thing is not to sign a prenuptial agreement, this requires that when we get married we oppose signing even though the sugar daddy has more money than us, in the case of not keeping a job we will oppose having it outside of high school for at least a year then when we get married each partner will have enough money and we won't depend on work.

We have to spend at least $2 million in jewelry while we are married, for this we go to the jewelry store with the asset option to spend the required amount on jewelry, finally we will buy the yacht, having money to spare we are going to place it in the asset option to buy.

Finally, now that we know how to complete the material girl challenge in BitLife we can move on with this amazing and fun game.

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