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As we get deeper into a game more tasks are presented to us, let's see How to get the Ballon d'Or award in BitLife.

What does it mean to win the Ballon d'Or award in BitLife?

  This is another of the challenges that we have in this game and that allows us to work on some things to achieve it, this is a recognition that players who have dedicated themselves to soccer from a very early age get, this award allows us to be recognized and to tell you more about what you should do we are here.

How to get the Ballon d'Or award in BitLife?

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  • Choosing Spanish nationality: this is the first task to be carried out to start this challenge and it is that normally the Golden Ball is an award that is usually given to Spanish players, therefore the nationality, we can choose Spain to start a new life and become a professional player.
  • Join a school soccer team: this is another of the actions to be carried out and it is that it is necessary to practice enough to the point of becoming the team captain, we must have high grades and stay away from drugs, every Whenever possible, the coach usually tests us for drugs."
  • Become a professional soccer player: we continue in the task of knowing How to obtain the Golden Ball award in BitLife and that is that once we have graduated from high school, having a good study average will get them to offer us to join professional teams, in the event that this is not the case, we can go through the evaluation and this implies choosing a professional athlete in special races, once we are accepted in the league we will be on our way to achieving the objective, we must stay away from drugs to avoid being disqualified .
  • Winning the Ballon d'Or: now that we are professional players, we continue training and now with more effort because we will have the ability to be in a top-level team and become an elite player, it is necessary to win at least 3 championships before starting to qualify for the Ballon d'Or, after that any championship allows them to win this award, only this is usually left to chance.

  Now that you know how to get the Ballon d'Or award in BitLife you can work a bit and thus win this recognition.

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