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Master BitLife's Farside Fugitive challenge with our expert guide. Learn how to play smart, escape.

Welcome to our guide on completing the Farside Fugitive Challenge in BitLife! This challenge is an exciting and thrilling adventure that requires you to accomplish three objectives in a specific order. In this blog post, we will outline the steps you need to take to successfully complete this challenge and emerge as the ultimate BitLife fugitive. Let's get started!

Objective 1: Be Born in Italy

The first step in completing the Farside Fugitive Challenge is to be born in Italy. When starting a new life in BitLife, make sure to select Italy as your birth country. Choose a city of your preference and let's move on to the next objective.

Objective 2: Become a General in a Space Agency

Becoming a General in a Space Agency is no easy feat, but with dedication and perseverance, you can achieve this rank. Follow these steps to climb the ranks and reach the esteemed position of General:

  • Study well: Education is key in BitLife. Make sure you prioritize your studies by studying hard throughout school and college. Choose subjects that will enhance your chances of joining a Space Agency, such as physics or engineering.
  • Maintain high smarts stat: Intelligence plays a crucial role in your journey to become a General. Focus on activities that boost your intelligence, such as reading books or studying subjects related to space exploration. Keep your smarts stat high to increase your chances of success.
  • Save money for training courses: Enrolling in an Astronaut training course and obtaining a Pilot License are essential steps in your journey. These courses require a significant amount of money, so work hard and save up to afford them. Take up part-time jobs or freelance work to earn extra income.
  • Work your way up: Start by joining a Space Agency in an entry-level position. Consistently perform well in your duties and take on additional responsibilities whenever possible. Aim for promotions and prove your worth to your superiors.
  • Reach the General post: With time and effort, you will gradually climb the ranks within the Space Agency. Keep working hard, gaining experience, and proving your leadership skills. Eventually, you will reach the esteemed rank of General.

Objective 3: Commit Murders Before Lunar and Mars Missions

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Now comes the thrilling part of the Farside Fugitive Challenge - committing murders before the Lunar and Mars missions. Please remember that these actions are part of a virtual game only, so exercise caution and remember to separate fiction from reality. Here's how you can accomplish this objective:

  • Murdering 2+ people before Lunar mission: Plan your murders carefully and execute them before reporting for the Lunar mission. You can choose various methods to carry out the killings, such as poisoning, stabbing, or even hiring a hitman. Make sure to cover your tracks and avoid getting caught by the authorities.
  • Murdering someone before Mars mission: Before you embark on the Mars mission, you must commit another murder. Study your potential victim and choose a method that will ensure your success. Remember to dispose of any evidence and remain undetected.

Congratulations on completing the Farside Fugitive Challenge in BitLife! By following the outlined steps, you have successfully accomplished all the objectives and emerged as the ultimate BitLife fugitive. We hope this guide has been helpful in your BitLife journey and has provided you with the necessary guidance to complete this exciting challenge. Remember, these actions are purely fictional and should not be replicated in real life.

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