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Guide to learn how to complete the Karen challenge in BitLife

 If you are a follower of memes you will know of the FAMOUS "Karen" that they use to discover embarrassing moments in the style of Reddit questions. Now in BitLife replicate the moments worthy of shame to achieve the How to complete the Karen Challenge. Like Karen, we all know, you don't have the whole day and you only have a limited time to complete it.

How to complete the Karen challenge in BitLife?

To know how to complete the Karen challenge you must meet a series of requirements that are: To be born a woman named Karen

  • Have a minivan
  • Make more than 10 reports to HR.
  • File more than 5 lawsuits
  • Start rumors about more than 10 enemies

The birth and the car are simple enough so they don't need much explanation, so we will focus on the other 3, even so we will tell you quickly how to do the mission in BitLife.

How to be born and have a car

To be born as a woman named Karen, you can start your life as a woman over again and then change your character's name before beginning her life. At any point in your life, whenever you buy a vehicle, see if any of the dealerships have a minivan that you can buy.
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Make 10 reports in Human Resources

Now to report to HR, you must have some trouble with another coworker. This can happen naturally, or if you make your coworkers dislike your character, they are more likely to do horrible things to you. Results and events vary due to the randomness of BitLife.

Anyway, every time a colleague does something bad to you, you can choose between several actions on how to react, and reporting it to HR will be one of them. You will have this option more often if you don't get along with your coworkers.

Make 5 Demands

The next step is to file five lawsuits against others. It would be helpful if you had a reason to do so, and the more enemies you have, the more options you have. The option to file a lawsuit against someone is in the activities tab below the lawsuit. Again, you will only be able to do it against people for a reason, much like reporting a coworker to HR, you want to have people you can apply this to. A good way to do this is to cause trouble and annoy other people quite often throughout your life. The more people your character knows, the more opportunities he will have.

Have 10 enemies

If you constantly report people to HR and file lawsuits against people, enemies come up quite naturally. If you become a very unpleasant person, you will see how hatred will come naturally, especially with the people with whom you can interact within your relationships, it is the best way to make enemies with more people. At this point everything is possible to earn the hatred of anyone.

 Now that you know how to complete the Karen challenge in Bitlife you can earn everyone's hatred with the advice given in this guide, and if it comes naturally to you, you will see how quickly it is fulfilled. Luck!

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