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2020-11-30 07:06:46

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Find out in this guide How to complete the K-pop challenge to advance in BitLife.

What to know about the K-pop challenge in BitLife?

It is a complicated task to achieve, where you must consider some aspects such as being born in Korea, getting a job as a dancer, being a famous singer, being a K-pop artist, having 1 million subscribers on YouTube, having 100 percent of fame and having a son named Wonho, considering that the requirements become different depending on the phone we are, in the case of the iPhone we have to highlight the requirements of being a famous singer and becoming an artist K- pop and famous soloist, now in this guide we will talk about How to complete the K-pop challenge with details, let's see what we find.

How to complete the K-pop challenge in BitLife?

You have to first create a character in South Korea, then take into account some aspects, such as appearance and health, which allows us to reach the professional field of dance and music, once we have reached 18. In Android we have to seek to start a dancer career and then enter the work of music as a singer, then it is possible to become a K-pop artist, while if we are on an iPhone it is necessary to go through the conviction of the parents to get this talent from 6 years old, this being possible, until we reach 18 to pay for ourselves, getting to have a record label, which can become a success or failure, it is important in the same way that in Androit that we maintain good health and appearance so that our chances are greater.
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At the moment that in both devices we can solve How to complete the K-pop challenge, we must move on to the following that will increase our participation on YouTube, so it is necessary to gain followers early and with the help of daily publications by this means, The videos are the best option to follow that is directly related to the music career and with a lot of variety so that we have a greater number of followers, then we must seek to reach 100 percent fame, this is possible to achieve by writing books by ourselves , being part of commercials or even the use of magazines and this can be done on any of the 2 devices, for the last we have the fact of having a son named Wonho, this happens once we get married and at birth this must be your name, after that it is possible to continue our path in BitLife.

We can conclude that knowing how to complete the K-pop challenge from now on is easier than thought, we just have to follow the guidelines indicated here and we will continue to progress in BitLife.

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