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The action in BitLife does not stop so today we are going to explain how to complete the 100 Challenge with precise details.

What to know about the 100 challenge in BitLife?

This is the recent challenge in the game, which is number 100, where we will have to do different tasks to complete, the most complicated thing is that we get 100 percent of its statistics, now to have a better vision we have to know how Complete Challenge 100 and the details to do it in this guide from now on.

How to complete the 100 challenge in BitLife?

Among the requirements of this challenge we have the following:

  • Reach 100 percent of Smarts
  • Achieve 100 percent health
  • Make our appearance 100 percent
  • Count on 100 percent happiness
  • Our balance must be $ 100
  • Achieve 100 years of age

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    High statistics are very useful for the operation of the different requirements such as the age of 100, in the case of health, statistics are also vital, it is necessary that we avoid dangerous moments at all times and maintain a profile low in each of the years of life, make regular walks, meditation and even achieve a correct interaction with the family, achieve 100 percent of the statistics, goes through a mixture of many factors that lead to increasing them, taking into account that as health and appearance overlap.

    In the specific case of happiness, we have the possibility of a relationship with our spouse, children and frequently go for a walk, until we obtain the basic items that the life we ​​lead requires, health focuses on frequent medical visits, healthy food, exercising, a routine that is necessary when reaching advanced ages, we now have that the intelligent one, consists of visiting conference places, such as the library, which in itself this statistic is always with high values in most of our lives, for the appearance it is necessary to visit the gym, go to the hairdresser or perform surgeries that could have an adequate capacity and as for the 100 dollars, we have to maintain the expenses in the articles on a frequent basis, what which will be of great help is the retirement fund, so that of all the requirements this would become more difficult, we must always be below it, at the moment we have all Your requirements will be complete this challenge 100.

    This way we finish our BitLife guide, now you know hthe 100 challenge, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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