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In the Minecraft Dungeons universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to defeat the Redstone Golem and here we will tell you how to do it.

Throughout our journey through Minecraft Dungeons we will reach a point where we will be in the Redstone mines, here we will find a series of events that will put us in confrontation with a redstone Golem, which makes it necessary for us to arrive prepared, therefore knowing the details related to How to defeat the Redstone Golem is important, in this guide we will have what is necessary, let's move on.

Who is the Redstone Golem in Minecraft Dungeons?

It is a monster with stone mineral muscles, which we will face the first time as the final boss of the mines, then from this point we will see him frequently like any other of our enemies in the game, in the last 3 levels, now the details that come will help us in How to defeat the Golem of redstone, the reading we have to continue.

How to defeat the Redstone Golem in Minecraft Dungeons?

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    The attacks of this enemy do not represent a greater challenge, it only has a great capacity in terms of strength points and the damage it is capable of causing, this is more complicated when dealing with other enemies, it is necessary to consider some The Golem has 2 main attacks, where one is a melee type causing damage and a recoil effect, the other attack is the summoning of mines at the site of the fight, if we want to defeat it it is necessary to focus on its second attack, Since it is necessary to approach us to place the mines, when you do it is possible to welcome you, we just have to prevent it from escaping, apart from that, be very careful with the mines.

    Aiming is bad for us, if we employ defense artifacts we will only gain a few hits, the only thing we have to trust will be long distance attacks, for this it is necessary that we have a lot of ammunition or focus on the weakness that This Golem presents in its second attack, in confined spaces this enemy will be a great complication, as well as having a side with other enemies, if we are in this situation we must call their attention and follow us to an open place, a Once we succeed in defeating him, in most cases we will get the TNT, a Shadow Brew potion or our health will be recovered.

    Now you know how to defeat the Redstone Golem with these steps, just apply them and you can be victorious in this incredible game like Minecraft Dungeons.

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