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2020-12-21 09:53:02

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Guide to learn How to be Santa in BitLife

  BitLife released a challenge titled "Bad Santa" and basically one of the primary things you have to do is become Santa! And for this the thing is not as difficult as you think and in this guide we will show you.

How to be Santa in BitLife?

What you have to do to become the bearded lord of Christmas is having to wait until your character is much older. Make sure your character turns 65 and is male so that the similarity to Santa Claus is undeniable.
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After meeting those requirements, you can go to the part-time work tab under the occupation tab. There must be a Santa job at the mall available for you to apply. If you try to apply for this job at a younger age, you will likely not be accepted and will be consistently rejected for various reasons.

Once you get the call from work, Christmas cheer will spread to everyone at the mall. Or you can cause trouble, rob houses and tell kids that Santa is not real in a Bad Santa challenge.

  Now that you know how to be Santa in BitLife you can complete the special challenge of the game Luck!

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