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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-21 16:45:55

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Knowing where to find all the infiltration points in Cayo Perico is one of the most interesting tasks to be carried out these days in GTA Online.

What are infiltration points in GTA Online?

These are not more than a type of options that we see reflected in this game, since there are several necessary points with which we get in this game, because thanks to this it is possible to have the locations of some ideal locations to carry out the robbery, as these points indicate exactly where it is necessary to go.

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Where to find all the infiltration points in Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

  •  Landing strip: this is a necessary infiltration point, and it is only necessary to get to the place to unlock it, as this makes us move to the northwest of the island.
  • Halo Jump: this point is usually unlocked when we get the helicopter upgrade for the submarine.
  • West beach: this infiltration point may not be blocked, however if it is, it is only necessary to go to the west beach through the history of the robbery.
  • North dock: In this place there is an infiltration point, so that unlocking it leads us to go to this place and once located there it is necessary to take a picture of the water surrounding the docks.
  • North Pier: this is another place where it is necessary to go and take care of taking a picture of the water that surrounds it, as this usually occurs in the introduction of the story of this DLC.
  • North zone: our work leads us to take care of photographing, as this means that we must take the phone, and proceed to go to a small cabin in this place.
  • Drainage tunnel: At this point there is no need to photograph anything, we just have to find an underwater tunnel in the area.
  • Descent from the south: this is our last infiltration point to unlock and this makes us have to take a photograph of some gravel and construction equipment, since we must locate ourselves in the southeast of the map in order to locate a path that leads to a road circular.

 This is all you need to know about where to find all the infiltration points in Cayo Perico as it is a task that makes us mobilize a little through GTA Online.

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