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Those who want to know how to be a YouTube in BitLife, you should go ahead with this guide because it covers everything.

What is YouTube work on BitLife?

It is one of the most dreamed of jobs by young people in real life, and which they can join in the game. It is a part of the top five social media platforms where you can get your character to join in the game, and it will allow you to post videos and gain followers.

How to be a YouTube in BitLife?

You can become YouTube from high school at age 14, the same applies to social media platforms, you will probably have to go down to the activities tab of the menu> then to Social Networks and register on the network to start your video channel.
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    The content you post varies ranging from challenges, dances, to live broadcasts and more. When you reach a good following and have a fan base, you will become a network influencer, which can turn into a career.

    By starting from scratch, you can buy followers to increase your numbers and monetize your account to earn income.

    You should keep in mind that becoming a YouTube can take a lot of time and dedication, so we recommend improving your appearance and character health to improve the number of followers.

    That's everything you need to know about how to be a YouTube on BitLife, so we hope that our guide will keep you at the forefront of in-game networks and fulfill your dream of being a creator on this platform until you are an influencer.

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