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Delve into the universe of Call of Duty Warzone, because today we are going to tell you where to find Intel contracts.

What to know about the Intel contracts in Call of Duty Warzone?

These are some challenges in the game related to the Hunt for Adler event, with the purpose of unlocking the Adler Skin, so for this there are in relation to this a trio of new contracts that some places in Verdansk must be completed, now to have idea of where to find Intel contracts it is opportune to support us in this guide and its content, which will be presented next, let's see it.
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    Where to find Intel contracts at Call of Duty Warzone?


    •  The factory one: related to where to find Intel contracts for this specific one, we have that it is full of aircraft parts and many items, it may be the easiest to complete because there are several contracts, which are marked by a man who He has sunglasses, so it is necessary that we take one of these and loot 3 boxes that are nearby to be able to complete the objective, considering the multiple enemies that will be in the place.
    • The one on the farm: despite finding this contract in Call of Duty Warzone it can be complicated to complete, because there is only one that will be presented in this area, so there will be a lot of dispute over it, what we can do to try is to mark it on the map and When starting the delivery sequence, cut our parachute and reactivate it at the same time, noting that the meter indicates 50, which can help us to be directly with the contract.
    • The one at the top: in terms of where to find Intel contracts we have that it is the same of the objectives of the farmland, which is presented only once, so it is important that we get to this quickly, this is due to the So many people who will be looking for it, it is appropriate that to get there faster we go through some mechanical lifts, where the wagons will put us between the buildings that access the contract, having to access 3 marked boxes once we obtain it.


     In the contracts of the farm and the summit, they represent many obstacles in Call of Duty Warzone, this due to the fact that there is only one of each, then we can go through intense combats to reach them, where a single team can achieve it, even the problems that they avoid the registration of the completion of these, which can force us to constant repetitions of them until they are added, considering that the availability of these missions is until April 29 we have to seek to complete the challenges before that date.

     Clearly knowing where to find Intel contracts allows us to have more fun and progress at Call of Duty Warzone.

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