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2020-10-13 10:23:53

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The action does not stop at Baldurs Gate 3 so today we are going to explain how to enter in Underdark.

What is infra-darkness in Baldurs Gate 3?

It is a totally different area, which is possible to reach in the game, but this brings with it many obstacles to solve, among which is a puzzle that will be unlocked when we find ourselves in the search for the tower of dawn of scope, now Although we reached some indications it is necessary that we know how to enter the Underdark and the purpose of this guide goes in that direction, let's just pay attention from now on.

How to enter in Underdark in Baldurs Gate 3?

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There are 3 passages to follow to get to this place, once we meet Haisin is what will let us know, where the first is the path of resurgence, the second to the passage of a mountain and the third through the tunnels, this being Last, the most appropriate to follow, which begins in the temple of Selune, once we have what is necessary we have to locate the goblins, arriving at Shattered Sanctum, our steps here must go to the southwest corner to reach a door de Orate, here it will take us to the temple, where we will go through a fight with an ogre whose name is Polma, we must defeat him in order to continue towards the Tower of Dawn, because the next thing we will find will be a puzzle of the door of the moon If we solve it, we can access the tunnels that will lead us to the Underdark.

The solution of this puzzle requires finding the necessary clues to fix the plates correctly, we have that in the diary of the high priestess is the clue, we have this when defeating the ogre Polma, in the room you have to search, taking into account that We must not kill agro if we want to find the newspaper, so we have to ungroup to get to the corner of the screen and be in the center plate, we have to visualize the plate that has light, what we will do is turn the plates that allow the movement of the dark moon being a black circle in said plate of light, we will notice the solution when we see the screenshot, we put the plates in the same way and this puzzle will be solved.

Now that you know how to enter
in Underdark, just apply the guidelines indicated and you can continue to progress in Baldurs Gate 3.

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