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Discover Should You Kill Gandrel In Baldur's Gate 3. Make an informed decision with our guide on the impact of this pivotal choice. Choose wisely!

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the world of Baldur's Gate 3, where every choice you make can alter the course of your journey. As you embark on your epic quest, you may find yourself confronted with a difficult decision – whether to spare or eliminate Gandrel. In this friendly guide, we will delve into the reasons why choosing to take down Gandrel might be the most strategic and rewarding course of action. So, gather around the virtual campfire and let's carefully weigh our options.

Should You Kill Gandrel In Baldur's Gate 3

Reasons to Consider Killing Gandrel

  •  Impact on Plot: One of the key aspects to consider when deliberating over Gandrel's fate is the impact his presence or absence has on the overarching storyline. While Gandrel may offer respect and gratitude, his character does not wield a significant influence on the overall plot compared to other pivotal characters like Astarion. In the grand scheme of things, Gandrel's absence from the narrative may not cause substantial ripples, thereby making the decision to eliminate him a more viable option for some players.
  • Rewards: Another compelling reason to consider confronting and dispatching Gandrel is the potential rewards that await you. By choosing to take a stand against Gandrel, you stand to gain access to some impressive loot, including a formidable two-handed crossbow known as "Gandrel's Inspiration." This powerful weapon could significantly bolster your arsenal and provide a distinct advantage in battles to come. Additionally, eliminating Gandrel could yield valuable consumables such as high-quality arrows and Healing Potions, which can prove invaluable in the perilous journey ahead.

Alternate Options

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  • Minimum Kills Run: For players who are endeavoring to pursue a playthrough with minimal NPC casualties, there is an alternative option to consider. You can choose to walk away from the conversation without alerting Gandrel about the presence of your party member. This approach allows you to avoid a confrontation with Gandrel while still maintaining your commitment to minimizing unnecessary bloodshed.
  • Astarion's Importance: It is crucial to recognize the significance of Astarion, a key companion in Baldur's Gate 3, when contemplating your decision regarding Gandrel. Handing over Astarion to Gandrel holds no discernible benefit or relevance to the larger narrative. In light of this, keeping Astarion with you can prove advantageous, not only due to his personal storyline and character development but also because of his reliable abilities in combat and exploration. Considering Astarion's importance can further sway your decision-making process when it comes to dealing with Gandrel.

In conclusion, while the decision whether Should You Kill Gandrel In Baldur's Gate 3 ultimately rests in your hands, taking into account the limited impact of his character on the plot and the enticing rewards for eliminating him can make it a compelling and strategic choice. By carefully weighing the potential consequences and benefits, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your gameplay style and objectives.

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