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2022-10-03 09:40:50

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We invite you to discover How to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved, a new task.

What to know about the Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved?

It is a creature that we require at the beginning of the game, despite not being the best, it is very suitable while we are progressing through the places where there are many dangers represented by other creatures, it will help us escape in the most important moments, we can fight in PVP, take an enemy and take them to our turrets, now with so many utilities it is opportune to know how to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved and for this we have to attend to the following content, let's see.

How to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved?

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The utility of this creature is very necessary at different stages of the game, despite the fact that it does not have the load capacity of others or the speed of creatures that fly, with this we have the ability to do C-Spin, which consists of a barrel twist that is linked by default to the C key on our PC, with the R on Xbox and Playstation, making this a quick turn that can help avoid turrets and walls, causing damage if we want against any person, as for How to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved we can pick up creatures from the ground that are very small alternatively, it is something useful to use against larger creatures.

It is of great help in the exploration of bases since it is so small that it becomes undetectable, but it suffers compared to the charge creatures, because it has little weight and we must be aware that we charge, avoiding an overload in this way that can be a problem. Problem for the creature itself.

This is all there is to know about How to tame a Pteranodon in Ark Survival Evolved, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in the game.

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