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2022-10-03 09:38:47

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As we progress we are allowed to do more things in the games, let's see How to import avatars in Bonelab.

What does it mean to import more avatars in Bonelab?

  Having the ability to live a truly fantastic experience, we just have to take care of having some tools to make creativity flow, this process is not just a key point in this game and that making it happen does not really require more complexity, so we invite you to continue reading this guide that offers information of interest.

How to import avatars in Bonelab?

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We must locate ourselves in the central center to go to the Mod section and get the avatars, in addition to elements and levels that we have managed to create, it is possible to change what we have and for this we will use the modification files that we have in the game modification folder where we select what we need, we must find it in appdata/locallow/Stress Level Zero/Bonelab/Mod, here we will place the .sdk file to use it in the future, then, we must take care of visiting Body Mall where we will select our character new.

Knowing how to import avatars in Bonelab allows us to have the ability to create our personalized avatar and for this it is necessary to download a tool called MarrowSDK, we just have to follow the tutorial to do this process where we manage to create:


  •  Spawnables.
  • Characters.
  • Unique levels.


 In the event that we can get tired of running like Sans, we are allowed to unlock other prefabricated avatars and that is usually done through story mode.

Now that you know How to import avatars in Bonelab, you can embark on this task that is usually simple and gives a different touch to the gaming experience.

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