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We are still immersed in the taming process, let's see How to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved.

What is Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved?

This is another dinosaur that we get and that we must manage to tame, this is a lethal and elusive creature, this is because it can move easily both on land and in water, so it is necessary to know how to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved, by doing this process we get a creature that can sneak underwater and does not require an oxygen meter because it can breathe underwater, even this quality can make it a force of nature.

We must bear in mind that this creature has some interesting attacks, so knowing how to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved makes it vital to bear in mind that:
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  • It has a lethal water spin attack much like Sarcosauchus' belly move to deal massive damage.
  • An additional benefit that consists of a spinning attack that allows you to stun and dismount any survivor in the hitbox of the attack, this means that in case there are players who chase us we can attract them to the water once we have this creature tamed.


 To know How to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved, it is necessary to take care of getting it first and this creature is usually around swamp biomes, we can see it thanks to its size, it can be seen on dry land, being an excellent place to tame it, doing it in the water can be lethal for us, there it can attack us automatically, so it is always ideal to attract them to land, we must also have some resources to relax this taming process and this includes:

  •  1x Ball or 1x Net Projectile.
  • Harpoon launcher if you are using a net projectile.
  • A crossbow or a long neck rifle, ideal weapons in case of having a low level, the Tek Bow also works.
  • Tranquilizer arrows, tranquilizer darts, shocking tranquilizer darts, or item shards, we should carry as many as we can carry, in case something goes wrong; we may need backup ammo.
  • Normal kibble, at a taming rate of 1x, a level 150 Baryonyx requires regular kibble x11, we can also make use of a blood elixir to increase the taming total by 30 percent once, in case we don't count with croquettes, we can use premium raw fish meat or raw fish meat instead.


 How to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved?

We must take care of attracting the creature out of the water, in the water it is more delicate for us, once the creature is out we use the ball or projectile to keep it in place and when immobilizing it we shoot the weapon with the tranquilizer that we have chosen to use, we must shoot in the head and stop shooting when the creature has fallen unconscious, not doing so can lead to the taming process being ruined.

 In this sense, knowing how to tame a Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved offers us the opportunity to tame a complex creature and be able to use it in our favor.

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