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We invite you to discover in this guide How to play with Loba one of the new tasks in Apex Legends.

For May 12 will be the beginning of season 5 of Apex Legends, in which it brings a special feature that is Loba, we continue to have this game much more by the developers, which becomes something outstanding, now if our intention is to know how to play with Loba, we will find the details prices and requirements in the following content of this guide, let's pay close attention.

Who is Wolf in Apex Legends?

This is a character brought in in the recent update, he is unique as a character, where his objective is to go for Revenant who has his hands in the murder of his family, so it becomes a great hunt, which also leads to highlight some changes that are presented in the map of Kings Canyo, we will also have a new battle pass in this recent season, to understand how to play with Loba, let's continue with the content.

How to play with Loba in Apex Legends?

The abilities of this new character are still officially unknown, but there are some details that we have access to in this regard, so that we have the idea of ​​How to play with Loba, we are going to focus on the characteristics that this presentation in relation to its skills in Apex Legends, let's see them below.
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    Black Market Boutique: By the time this fence is reached, this ability will be a great nuisance to them, due to the ability to place a device capable of stealing all the loot that is very close, thus having Andrade's victory in the first battles, of course as we already know these skills are not official, but it has a lot of credibility thanks to a game trailer, in this way with these skills we can perform unique strategies from May 12 we will know it with greater security.

    Eye for quality: You can see any loot through the walls.

    Supply for demand: Very useful to know how to play with Wolf will be this ability, for any thief this is a very strong point, when activated it is possible to choose a loot class and the one we get to choose will be the that we are going to be able to visualize through the walls, seeing how close the chosen class of loot is, you have to keep the button pressed to do it.

    The thief's best friend: With this ability we will be able to flank our enemies or even get out of a situation that becomes complicated, throwing a disc and teleported to it, in the same way that happens with the shadow ability, only not We may put the disc where we want.

    What do we find different on the map in Apex Legends?

    Due to the trailer that tells us about the appearance of Loba, it is possible to expect big changes, a simple view noted that there is a complete destruction of the map, making the presentation of the destruction of the skull city and the dome of the true, what It presents access to a new underground area, bringing also we will get many new items, missions and a mode that focuses on PvE elements, seen in the trailer, we will have daily and weekly challenges, which will help us get extra rewards.

    In this way we put an end to our Apex Legends guide, now you have an idea of ​​How to play with Loba, you just have to wait to enjoy it at the time of the update.

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